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The SAFESPOT Project is co-funded by the European Commission Information Society and Media and supported by EUCAR.

SAFESPOT Integrated Project

SAFESPOT creates dynamic cooperative networks where the vehicles and the road infrastructure communicate to share information gathered on board and at the roadside to enhance the drivers' perception of the vehicle surroundings.

Road accidents prevention via a SAFETY MARGIN ASSISTANT to detect potentially dangerous situations in advance and extend the drivers' awareness of the surroundings in space and time.

SAFESPOT is an integrated research project co-funded by the European Commission Information Society Technologies among the initiatives of the 6th Framework Program

SAFESPOT results demonstration:

Cooperative Mobility Showcase 2010 Cooperative Mobility Showcase 2010

connecting smart vehicles with intelligent infrastructure

The Cooperative Mobility Showcase 2010, which took place in Amsterdam on 23-26 March 2010 in association with Intertraffic Amsterdam 2010 (the world's leading exhibition for infrastructure, traffic management, safety and parking), was one of the world's largest demonstrations of vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication technologies and applications.

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September 2009

Latest News

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SAFESPOT at CAR 2 CAR Forum 2009, 3 and 4 November 2009


SAFESPOT was presented to the Car 2 Car Forum on the 3rd and the 4th of November 2009 in Wolfsburg. Mr Giulio Vivo held a presentation entitled "Cooperative systems for road safety: Smart vehicles on smart roads, the SAFESPOT integrated project" with focus on the project's results.

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ITS World Congress 2009

SAFESPOT at ITS World Congress, Stockholm, 21-25 September 2009


The SAFEPOT Integrated Project was present at the ITS World Congress in Stockholm between the 21st and the 25th of September 2009. Various project presentations have been done during the technical sessions of the conference while the special session "Towards safer, cleaner and smarter mobility with cooperative systems", moderated by the European Commission Information Society and Media, included the outlines of the results of the SAFESPOT, CVIS and COOPERS integrated projects.

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SAFESPOT 3rd project review

SAFESPOT Review 12-14 May 2009


The 3rd project review for the SAFESPOT project was realized between the 12th and the 14th of May 2009. The 1st day was dedicated to both live demonstrations on the road and multimedia demonstrations that took place in the TNO facilities in Helmond, The Netherlands

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ITS World Congress 2009

SAFESPOT Technical presentations to the ITS World Congress in Stockholm


A significant number of SAFESPOT technical presentations on the various project's activities were included in the programme of the ITS World Congress in Stockholm. The accepted presentations can be found below.

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SAFESPOT at the TRA2010


The project's final results were presented at the TRA2010, which was held in Brussels between the 7th and the 10th of June 2010. TRA 2010 was an event for the alignment of the stakeholders of transport research and development.

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ITS World Congress 2009

SAFESPOT at the 16th World Congress and Exhibition on ITS Stockholm, 21-25 September 2009


The SAFESPOT project, together with the CVIS and COOPERS integrated projects, participated in the joint special session organized within the 16th ITS World Congress. The special session was entitled: "Towards safer, cleaner and smarter mobility with cooperative systems" and belonged to the ITS for drivers - Cooperative Services topic of the congress.

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Benefits of cooperative systems

Benefits of cooperative systems for Public Authorities
14 May 2009 Helmond, The Netherlands


The workshop was aimed at exploring the benefits that the implementation of cooperative systems can bring for the public authorities and thereby kick-start the roadmap for their deployment.


Cooperative Systems on the Road

SAFESPOT and CVIS common demonstration event "Cooperative Systems on the Road"


The SAFESPOT and the CVIS integrated project were organised in Helmond, the Netherlands; a common Demonstration Event for cooperative systems technology. The event was organised by the Helmond local authority, Peek Traffic, TNO and Logica on the 12th, 13th, 14th and 24th of May 2009 at the castle in Helmond.

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SAFESPOT 3rd General Assembly
Athens 28-29 January 2009


The General Assembly meeting for the SAFESPOT project took place on the 28th of January 2009, in Athens, Greece kindly hosted by ICCS. Over 70 members of the consortium participated to the annual gathering of the consortium and discussed the latest developments and future steps of the SAFESPOT project. The 29th of January was devoted to multiple Sub-project and Test Sites meetings where various issues on the project's progress were discussed, especially in view of the final year of the project, during which all results of the project will be available. All partners agreed that a challenging research year is ahead, while they set an appointment for the next year General Assembly combined with a successful closure of the project!