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The SAFESPOT Project is co-funded by the European Commission Information Society and Media and supported by EUCAR.



The main objective is the overall coordination of the SAFESPOT Integrated Project, this is the task of Centro Ricerche Fiat that operates with the support of the SAFESPOT Core Group activities.

SAFESPOT Core Group Members are: Daimler, Volvo Technologies, Renault, Magneti Marelli, Bosch, Cofiroute, ANAS, MIZAR, TNO.

SAFESPOT Core Group members include all SAFESPOT sub-project leaders and all major stakeholders involved in the SAFESPOT activities are represented (OEMs, suppliers, road operators, research centres).

SAFESPOT coordination is carried out applying the EUCAR model for the management of integrated projects.

A shared quality and assessment procedure has been established at project start to guarantee an effective project communication strategy and assessment of intermediate results.

A dedicated strategy for project dissemination and exploitation, in view of developing a sustainable technological implementation plan, has been settled in the first part of the project.

A specific tool for "review and assessment of project intermediate results" has been defined to support the SAFESPOT Core Group activities in its internal review and assessment of project activities.

The integration and clustering both within the SAFESPOT activities and outside the SAFESPOT Integrated Project has been identified in the early phase of the SAFESPOT activities.