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The SAFESPOT Project is co-funded by the European Commission Information Society and Media and supported by EUCAR.



The growing mobility of people and goods has a very high societal cost in terms of traffic congestion and of fatalities and injured people every year.

In the past decade a lot of research has been dedicated to solve these problems by the development of driver assistance systems based on autonomous sensor technologies that are able to perceive the traffic situation surrounding the vehicle and, in case of danger, to properly warn the driver.

Telematic technologies are now entering on vehicles as information and support systems supported by the growing consumer market that offers systems and services with high reliability at low cost.

The vision of the cooperative approach is born in view of joining the advantages of the telematic technologies and of their diffusion on the market to enable the development of reliable and extended driving support systems for road safety.

The cooperative approach envisages a scenario in which the vehicles and the infrastructure cooperate to perceive potential dangerous situations extended in space and time horizon that will only be limited by the range of the radio communications.

The safety "added value" of SAFESPOT is to look for the "combination" of the information from vehicles and from the infrastructure, the focus is on R&D activities on the identification of cooperative solutions that will firstly be applied to the critical areas, such as the so called "black spots".