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The SAFESPOT Project is co-funded by the European Commission Information Society and Media and supported by EUCAR.

SAFESPOT at the 16th World Congress and Exhibition on ITS Stockholm, 21-25 September 2009

ITS World Congress 2009

The SAFESPOT project, together with the CVIS and COOPERS integrated projects, is going to participate to the joint special session organized within the 16th ITS World Congress. The special session is entitled: "Towards safer, cleaner and smarter mobility with cooperative systems" and belongs to the ITS for drivers –Cooperative Services topic of the congress.

The special session presentations include an overview of the current development outcomes of SAFESPOT, CVIS and COOPERS and of their implementation in the European test sites. The session includes also one stakeholder's perspective on the future deployment of the cooperative systems applications developed in the three projects.

The scheduled presentations are the following:

  • "Cooperative Systems for road safety, smart vehicles on smart roads: SAFESPOT integrated project applications" Roberto Brignolo, Head of Department, Centro Ricerche FIAT, Italy,
    roberto.brignolo [at]
  • "CVIS applications for cooperative systems on the roads of Helmond (NL) and Stockholm (SE)", Peter Christ, Senior Project Manager, ERTICO, Belgium, p.christ [at]
  • "ITS system architecture, core functionalities and their validation on European motorways in COOPERS", Alexander Frötscher, Senior Project Manager, AustriaTech, Austria,
    alexander.froetscher [at]
  • "SAFESPOT implementation of cooperative systems for road safety in European test sites" David Rylander, Project Manager, Volvo Technology, Sweden, david.rylander [at]
  • "Cooperative Systems for traffic control: from SAFESPOT, COOPERS, CVIS activities to deployment perspectives" Gino Franco, Director of Innovation, MIZAR Automazione, Italy,
    gino.franco [at]

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