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The SAFESPOT Project is co-funded by the European Commission Information Society and Media and supported by EUCAR.

SAFESPOT Review 12-14 May 2009

Safespot 3rd project review Ms Heiber Irmgard, EC officer and Mr. Stiller Christoph EC reviewer at SAFESPOT review

The 3rd project review for the SAFESPOT project was realized between the 12th and the 14th of May 2009. The 1st day was dedicated to both live demonstrations on the road and multimedia demonstrations that took place in the TNO facilities in Helmond, The Netherlands.

The demonstrator vehicles included CVIS applications, since this project's review was also ongoing at the same time. The live demonstrations were concerning not only stand alone SAFESPOT and CVIS applications but also cooperative SAFESPOT-CVIS applications. Some example demonstrations were the lane change application and intelligent intersection applications focusing more on safety of pedestrians and cyclists (VRUs).

On the 13th and 14th of May the review meeting was kindly hosted by the Province of North Brabant in the Den Bosch.

The EC reviewers positively commented the SAFESPOT integration activities and recommended the project to continue as planned.

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