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The SAFESPOT Project is co-funded by the European Commission Information Society and Media and supported by EUCAR.

Benefits of cooperative systems for Public Authorities

"How to use cooperative systems tools for your authority’s mobility challenges?"

14 May 2009 Helmond, The Netherlands

The workshop aims for exploring the benefits that the implementation of cooperative systems can bring for the public authorities and thereby kick-start the roadmap for their deployment. The workshop is targeted at representatives from policy authorities (local, regional and national) involved in aspects of intelligent transport systems and whose views, needs and expectations should be considered during the development process.

Four speakers present their views on the deployment of cooperative systems and transport policy. They present concrete examples of CVIS, SAFESPOT and COOPER’s cooperative applications in the context of local, regional and national transport policy objectives. These views provide a base for a number of parallel round table discussions on the use and deployment of cooperative systems to reach transport policy objectives. Based on input by the moderators all participants express their own views, needs and expectations which should be considered during the deployment process. Topics that are addressed are traffic safety, traffic management, public transport, freight transport, access restriction, etc. For each topic attention is on the specific aspects regarding the roll-out of the system.

For more information download the invitation and agenda by clicking here.