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The SAFESPOT Project is co-funded by the European Commission Information Society and Media and supported by EUCAR.

SAFESPOT Technical presentations to the ITS World Congress in Stockholm

The program of the upcoming ITS World Congress in Stockholm includes a significant number of SAFESPOT technical presentations on the various project's activities. The accepted presentations can be found below:

  • "Precise Laserscanner-based positioning on intra-urban crossings" by Florian Ahlers, Daniel Westhoff (IBEO)
  • "Cooperative Situation Refinement for Vehicular Safety Applications: the SAFESPOT approach" by Panagiotis Lytrivis, George Vafeiadis, Matthaios Bimpas, Angelos Amditis (ICCS), Christian Zott (BOSCH)
  • "The SAFESPOT Vehicular Platform – Environmental Perception From Sensors and Wireless LAN Messages" by Christian Zott (Bosch), Stefano Cosenza (CRF), Panagiotis Lytrivis (ICCS), Fabio Codeca (PoliMi), Abdelkarim Belhoula (CA)
  • "V2V Applications in the SAFESPOT European Project: The OEMs Experience" by G. Vivo, P. Dalmasso (CRF), E. Nordin, M. Dozza (VOLVO), P. Cravini, F. Codecà, V. Manzoni (PIAGGIO), J. Ibanez-Guzman (REGIENOV)
  • "HMI considerations for the NL CVIS - SAFESPOT test site" by Philippus Feenstra, Jasper Pauwelussen, Ellen Wilschut, Eric Koenders, Arjan van Leijsen
  • "The business case of cooperative systems for road operators" by Martijn de Kievit (TNO)
  • "ESPOSYTOR: The SAFESPOT System Monitor" by Fabio Tosetto, Maria Carmela De Gennaro, Piero Mortara (MMSE)
  • "Verification and Validation of SAFESPOT Vehicle Based Applications" by Maria Carmela De Gennaro, Piero Mortara (MMSE), Bart Netten, Arjan Van Leijsen (TNO), Frederik Diederichs (Fraunhofer-Institut for Industrial Engineering)
  • "Sensing the visibility range at low cost in the SAFESPOT road-side unit" by Nicolas Hautière, Jérémie Bossu, Erwan Bigorgne, Nicolas Hiblot, Abderrahmane Boubezoul, Benoit Lusetti, Didier Aubert
  • "Lane Level Positioning using Image Landmarks and high accurate maps" by Norman Mattern, Robin Schubert, Gerd Wanielik
  • "Vehicle Positioning for Cooperative eSafety Applications" by Robin Schubert (TUC)
  • "Vehicle to vehicle Versus vehicle to infrastructure Communication systems – An economic assessment of the SAFESPOT application bundles" by Roland Schindhelm, Torsten Geißler, Ulrich Westerkamp
  • "Organizational Architecture of Road Safety Cooperative Systems. The SAFESPOT case" by Stefano Marco, Simonetta Manfredi, Eugenio Morello (CSST)
  • "Intelligent Cooperative Intersection Safety Implementation, Test And Evaluation" by Tobias Schendzielorz (TUM), Jaap Vreeswijk (PEEK), Paul Mathias (MAT.TRAFFIC)

In addition to the above technical presentations, SAFESPOT will participate to the special session "Towards safer, cleaner and smarter mobility with cooperative systems".

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